imn mike!! 2005s kid, and i spawned in this world on the fateful day of april 30th :]
[bi | nonbinary | it/its]
i call myself butch bc my relationship with gender is uh. uh. complicated. ..i live in brazil and i came out of the womb paying minecraft. i like to call myself a gamer when i just fucking SUCK at games. i DO like making people laugh though!!!

i speak english and the portuguese + a little bit of german. and i like to draw ive been posting my art online since like. 2013. my fursona + mascot r inspired by the early 2010s sparkledogs n i love them :]. .i consider myself a furry but im not realy involved with the fandom/ furry comunity other than. i have antropomrpic ocs and i like the funny designs of many furries. theyre just a blast to draw tbh. and ive had like furry (some in denial) friends for many many years and most my friends do like at least have a fursona n i do too! : D

i dont have much more to say about me but heres some cool images :]

you listening? okay. grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother? i hurt homophobes. im a force 'a nature. if you were from where i was from? you'd be fucking dead!